Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Alpacas are an animal that seems to be growing in popularity in the US. Their wool is made into yarn, which is made into sweaters, hats, scarves... anything that can be knit or crocheted. Their wool is very soft and warm. I've never seen any in person until recently.

I met some this weekend and did this short video to show you how adorable they are. We met some at the Lebanon Wine Festival. All the footage was taken by my boyfriend, since I was in the pen with the cuties, petting them and swooning.

Alpacas from Shari Durfey on Vimeo.

The sound they make melts my heart! And you can't really tell, but their eyelashes are about 2" long... the white one has white lashes, the black one has black lashes, and the brown one has brown lashes. Ha ha... they are the cutest! And yes, they are very soft.

I hope you enjoy the video of them. 


  1. awwwwww LOVE! I saw them for the first time in Montana at the farmers market and it's a love crash for all my life now :-)