Monday, March 14, 2011

Hawk Sighting

Keith and I were so lucky yesterday to spot this raptor in our neighbor's tree. It moved from the tree to the clippings pile below... We think it's a Sharp-shinned Hawk, except that they don't typically like to be around people. They're very rural.... however, the pile of clippings it was on is full of sparrows, and possibly a squirrel or two, which is what they like to hunt.
He moved below after viewing the pile from above...
Then he stretched his leg... 
We must have watched him for over 10 minutes, trying to identify him from an old illustrated bird book I had just gotten from a library book sale. I don't know if we identified him correctly, but whatever he/she is, they're definitely immature. You could tell from the white tufts of downy feathers on his bottom. 

If anyone can identify him, please let me know!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Working With Cats...

As most cat owners will tell you, it's challenging! They are naturally curious, and mine like to hang out wherever I'm at... and sounds of paint brushes on paper, or dangling threads, will bring about a whole new aspect to distraction!

In the end, it's less a frustration than an exercise in cleverness. I can easily get the out of the room if I play "toss the treats" down the hallway for a bit. They become interested in other things. For a while... and then it's back to thinking of ways to get them off the work in progress! Truthfully, I love it!