Sunday, June 5, 2011

Local Bunnies

When I go for walks in my neighborhood, I sometimes get lucky and see a wild bunny or two. They like to eat dandelions and clovers, so they're good for your yard! (Unless you have a vegetable garden, in which case, you might not be too excited to see them.)

I even saw a really small one in my backyard area... I think it was very young because it was so much smaller than most of them. I took a couple photos with my iPhone, but he was too small, and too far away to see. So I got another camera, and he stuck around for these photos... keep in mind, he's about the size of a squirrel. Very small!

He took off when a car came down the alley and startled him. Before that, though, he was just hanging out and munching on some dandelion leaves. Last year, I saw a lot of bunnies during the summer... just while I was on my little walks. They are so cute that I always stop to take a picture! Do you have fun little creatures in your neighborhood? If so, what kind?


  1. We have feral bunnies everywhere in our neighbourhood! they're meant to be a pest but i love them, they are adorable.